We are a well established joinery company who now specialise in making traditional timber sash windows with modern double glazing. 80% of our work is to make, fit and paint sash windows in privately owned residential properties.

Whether it be one window for a flat in Finchley or 30 windows for a townhouse in Victoria we can take on these projects and do them to a very high standard which is second to none. We are very passionate about making our windows look the same as they were originally intended and we have great respect for the history and architecture of the buildings we work in.

All our windows are hand made in our factory in North London and are made in the same way they were being made over 100 years ago but using a few modern twists where the glazing is concerned.

‘If a job is worth doing then it’s worth doing properly’ is the official motto at axe joinery. All our work is done without cutting corners or being rushed, but still done in the quickest possible time and sticking to any deadlines made. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and if you look at the ‘why choose us’ section you will see nice looking windows made by other companies but with designs and small details that are not traditional. It’s these small design flaws that are often accepted but are things we wouldn’t do as it takes away the traditional look.